Safety & Security

The safety and security is paramount to Chante's patrons particularly to the children in Chante's premises.

The location is part of a premium serviced apartments building consisting of its own security and concierge services to patrons.

In addition, Chante's own internal premises are covered with 24hr security footage and available to view upon request by relevant persona/authorities.

  • Chante's patron's are always supervised by qualified adults 18 years and over
  • All Chante's staff have working with children checks and first aid completed and up to date
  • Min 10:1 Adult to children ratio supervision
  • All children are signed in and out ONLY by their respective parents unless other arrangements confirmed prior.
  •  Any other pickup arrangements must be cleared prior to and Identification must be presented upon pickup
  • All children requiring toilet access are taken to a disabled toilet with only 1 person access at a time. The children are supervised by a Chante staff member to the toilet entry however are not allowed to be inside the toilets. The child must undertake their own toiletry needs whilst the supervisor awaits outside until the child has finished. Walkways and pathways are under video surveillance but not inside toilets for safety and security of patrons and staff.
  • There is a 15minute window pre and post booking for allowances in pickup and drop-offs. Adults who do not collect their children at the end of the event will be charged at $100/hour until the child is collected for a maximum 2hrs post pickup. Should a child still not be collected after 2hrs overtime, should other arrangements have not been made or parents contactable, the child will be handed to relevant authorities to manage
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